Alright, so as some of you may know, I visited Wellesley College on Tuesday. Per request, I’m going to write a review.

Before the tour, I was a bit skeptical of Wellesley. I didn’t think I would like it. I watched some of their youtube videos and I read things on CC that made it sound very rural. But, I found that I really liked it and Boston is not as inaccessible as it may seem.

The Info Session:

The info session was held in a small conference room and felt very intimate. Unlike at some of the bigger schools, this info session felt more like a discussion between the admissions officer and us. The admissions officer was a 2005 alumna. Some of the basics of Wellesley:

  • 8:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 50% of students double major
  • 50% of students study abroad
  • 805 of internships are funded by the college
  • All students are on an unlimited meal plan (woohoo)
  • There is cross-registration with MIT, Babson, Olin and Brandeis
  • Acceptance is based off of not only the decisions of admissions officers, but also current students and faculty
  • Wellesley puts a lot of faith in the honor code, therefore exams are self-scheduled

Research for undergrads was also highly emphasized. Because Wellesley is only an undergraduate college, undergrads get opportunities for research that would normally only go to grad students. My tour guide who went to Wellesley and then an Ivy for grad school said that the research she did at Wellesley was equivalent in caliber to what she did in grad school.

Campus Tour:

I was impressed. There were no students available that day so my tour guide was an admissions officer. Although, she didn’t master the art of walking backwards, she was super friendly and welcoming. We started off in one of the residence halls. 15 of I think 20 dorms have built-in dining halls because there is not central dining. The dorm I was in had a small kitchen and like all college dorms, a common room. The common room had a working fireplace and also a gorgeous grand piano. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see a dorm room.Another place of interest was the outside of the chapel. On the stairs above the multicultural faith center were different colored flags, each representing a different class. My favorite part of the tour was Lulu. Lulu is the student center at Wellesley and houses the only bar in the entire town. It was one of the only modern buildings on campus and was absolutely gorgeous.I can definitely see myself studying there or hanging out with some friends. Another really cool building was the science center. The school wanted to tear down the old building, but after protest from the alumnae, they decided to build around it. When you walk in, you can still see the old building inside of the new one.


  • My tour group seemed pretty diverse: 3 whites, 1 Indian, 4 Asians and 2 blacks
  • Shuttles to Boston stop at midnight on weekdays and 3am on weekends

I really like Wellesley. I was surprised that they didn’t really bring up the whole women’s college thing and how it fosters leadership, but it was a pleasant surprise. As of now, I’m confident that I will apply next year. After all, it’s free!

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